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Michael Baker, LMFT, Clinical Director

Michael Baker, LMFT, Clinical Director

Degree: LMFT, Friends University, 2009. License: LMFT WA #LF60710468; LCMFT KS #781. Specialized Training: EMDR, Sandtray Therapy, Aromatherapy, Play Therapy. Specializes in: Marriage and Family Therapy, Parenting, Trauma & EMDR, Men's Issues, Loneliness.

All relationships are hard.  As a marriage and family therapist, I have dedicated my career to helping people better navigate their relationships with others. Therapy can be intimidating, so much that many people wait longer to start the process than what might have been ideal. Regardless of that, I'd like an opportunity to work with you to sort out where you've been in your relationships, and where you'd like to go next.  

In addition to working with couples, I also see families. Often times a focus in family therapy is working together to examine old patterns and  revise these patterns to come up with solutions. In family therapy, we can uncover each member's part of the issue, and reorganize behaviors to calm family chaos.  

​I center myself around the idea that the success reached by my clients comes from the notion that someone believes in them. Therapy can be a difficult, but it is not dangerous. Let's work together, so you can feel better about yourself and your world. It is important to me that you feel safe, not judged and that we move at the right pace. 

I am a therapist that practices a non-judgmental stance allowing you to be just who you are without shame and guilt. I work with all couples & relationships including heterosexual and gay/lesbian couples. Families and individuals are welcome. If you would like to know more about my expertise in your issue, just ask. 

I also provide remote web-based therapy for clients who struggle with time to get away for appointments.  


You can reach Mike at:

Michael also sees associate therapists for clinical supervision.  


Theresa Bowes, LMHC

Theresa, Bowes, therapy, counseling

Degree:  M.S. Counseling, Indiana University, 1997. Certificates: National Certified Counselor. License: LMHC WA. LH 60245873; LMHC, IN. 39000115A, 1999 to present.​ Specialized Training: Bereavement, DBT Therapy, Trauma, Emotional and sexual abuse, motivational interviewing. Specializes in: Family dynamics, non violent communication, relationships, surviving abuse, trauma. 

Life can sometimes be difficult and surprising. There are ebbs and flows.  The seasons of our life hold challenges, new issues arise and we are sometimes confused.  Perhaps what we seek, is a new question. That question might lead to new answers and strategies for navigating through the present challenge.

I do counseling in Redmond, and have over 20 years of experience and specialized trainings.  I’ve become familiar with the variety and depth of our human circumstances and encounters.  I hold a conviction and personal view that every person's trials and perceptions are their truth and that they present an opportunity for growth. What is true for you, your reality, is our starting point toward achieving goals. Counseling is a tool that helps us get current with our life.  

In the partnering of counselor and client, I utilize a holistic focus that validates your experience, finds the wisdom that makes most sense in your challenge, and gives you a place to be seen and accepted without a need to be other than you are – each and every time! With my ease in listening with empathy and intuition, and my ability to guide through the background noise and chaos of life events, your life story and the innate wisdom it holds will unfold so you can develop strategies that are in your highest and best interests.   

Contact Theresa at, or by calling 425.412.4229 

Katie Raser, MSW, LMHCA

Katie, Raser, therapy, counseling

Degree: MSW, Social Work, 2008. License: WA MC60746491. Specialized Training: Cancer support. Specializes in: Life transitions, relationships, anxiety, depression. ​

Just as there is no one way to be human, I believe there is no one way to address issues that lead us to seek support through counseling. I incorporate many practices into my approach to therapy and ultimately work with the client to determine the best fit for them. Whatever the issue, my goal is to foster a supportive, safe, and solution-focused environment. 

We all experience times that can be challenging. Perhaps it is the start or end of a relationship, a new job, the loss of a loved one, or a new child. Maybe you are feeling sad or anxious and can’t identify why. Sometimes in order to face what is in front of us, we must reach out for a helping hand, a map to guide us through the road of life. 

I work with individuals facing a wide range of issues, such as anxiety, depression, relationship issues, or life transitions. ​I have worked in a range of settings, from child welfare and chemical dependency to cancer support to one-on-one therapy. Each position has helped me to develop my understanding of how we as humans experience and process a range of events. 

I am thrilled to be available to connect with individuals on a deeper level. I have been privileged to work with people with diverse backgrounds, experiences, family systems, and perspectives. I believe strongly in the resilience of the human spirit and feel honored to help those I work with tap into the power for change and healing within them.​

Contact Katie at, or by calling 425.412.4229 

Josef Coers, LMHC, MHP


Degree:  M.A. Clinical Psychology, Systems Theory from LIOS Graduate College of Saybrook University. License: LH 60783924  Specialized training: Trauma Focused CBT, Couples and Family Systems, Suicidality Assessment, Identifying Domestic Violence, Cultural Competence  Specializes in: Anxiety, Depression, Relationships, Family Systems, Sexuality, Gender Transition Support, Life Transitions, LGBTQ+ issues.

I believe that we are all the lead character in our own lives, writing our own adventures every day.  But playing that role isn’t ever easy. Something always exists to challenge us in day to day life.  That thing can be a person, an event, an idea, or even a complex concept. That is why I believe we must live into the actions and ideas that create opportunities that you want to experience yourself and share with others. 

The foundation of achieving this is communication. Even with so many ways to communicate, it’s easy to misinterpret and misunderstand ourselves – and others. 

I use multiple therapy approaches to helping clients explore, understand and overcome the challenges in their lives.

My training in family, couple, and individual therapy allows me to help a wide range of people. My engagement with the LGBTQ+ community, and subculture communities such as the furry community and poly community have helped me to establish specialized skills and knowledge to work with those communities in ways that I have also translated to help any individual seeking therapy.  I truly wish to help people live into being the main character in their own unique story. 

 Contact Joe at or by calling 425.412.4229